Self Service Buzzers

for Food & Beverage (F&B) Businesses

restaurants, cafes, hawkers, food courts, pubs and bars

Food Collection Paging Solutions

for restaurants, cafes, hawkers, food courts, pubs and bars.

Introducing the invisible queue

Reliable, easy to use and quick to respond. No monthly fees. Your customer will have the freedom to roam about, or be seated while waiting for their order to be ready for collection. Most food and beverage businesses, whether cafes, hawkers, or restaurants can automate the collection process by discreetly and accurately alerting customers for food collection.

The newest mid-2019 addition. Series Pacific is the amalgamation of the best features and functions of all previous series. Equipped with drop resistant rubber, anti-theft alert, water proofing, and quick charging.

Basic and functional, it brings forth improvement in operations and design, whilst maintaining an affordable price point. Series classic is the most common paging system model in the market.

The newest and smallest compact paging system features a sleek aesthetic shell that fits with most businesses.

Mini S provides comfort and convenience, all whilst sitting comfortably within the palm of your hand.

The most advanced coaster paging system packs a dominant working range of up to 800m, anti-theft feature, integrated setting and multi-channel frequency.

All the features you need in a smaller slim paging system. With the transmitter and charger integrated into the main board, it occupies far less space than its counterparts and is ideal for businesses where collection and issuing are at the same counter.

Super Easy

Step 1 – Place an Order

Upon ordering and making payment, customers are given a pager while they wait.


Step 2 – Wait

Customers can wait around the vicinity or roam around to place additional orders.


Step 3 – Alert Customer

Once food is ready for collection, staff can easily alert customers to return for order pick up.


Fast and efficient service

SIGNALGRYD self service buzzer systems improves service efficiency by customers to be alerted when their food is ready to be collected.

With instant, secure and reliable communication at the touch of a button. Enhance your service standards and staff productivity.

70% grant Eligible

To encourage more SMEs to embark on their first steps towards capability development, the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) by IMDA supports SMEs in the adoption and implementation of simple solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity.

SIGNALGRYD is proud to be a registered pre-approved Solutions Provider under the PSG incentive with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Speak to us to help you reimburse 70% the cost of your purchase!

Customer paging helps turn tables faster by speeding up the seating process. Moreover, it reduces walkaways as customers feel assured that their place in the queue is secure.


Speed & Efficiency

Take payments and alleviate the length of queue simultaneously.

For quicker service, cashiers can place orders, take payment and issue pagers without leaving customers to overcrowd at the counter.

Wireless & Totally Offline

Never fret, even if the internet fails.

A simple, easy to install solution that does not need an internet connection. SIGNALGRYD Paging Buzzers simply works through regulated radio frequency signals.


Wait anywhere

Freedom to wait where customers wish

Reduce congestion upon ordering and at the pickup counter. Customers are free to use the facilities, and there is no need for loud announcements or shouting. The pager the customer receives on arrival will alert them via tone, flash or vibrate, whatever you think is right for your venue.

Other Wireless Paging Solutions for F&B

Allow customers to call for service with a push of a button.

Allow customers to call for service with a push of a button.

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