Launch your career with SIGNALGRYD, where challenges, ownership and opportunities begin on day one. Your voice will be heard, and your work will make a huge impact!


SIGNALGRYD’s mission is simple: To automate processes that can be replaced with technology. Since inception, our systems have helped businesses of numerous industries work towards an autonomous efficient workflow.

Tim Han Jie – Founder

A Product to be proud of

Whether you’re driving business growth, fostering client relationships or providing support to clients, you can feel proud knowing that you’re selling a product that enhances the core of any business’s work flow.


We are a startup in this space, competing with businesses with more than 4 years lead. Every effort you put with us, know that you’re helping SIGNALGRYD grow and dominate the industry – together.


At SIGNALGRYD we encourage you to own the product and your role. You’ll feel empowered – and supported – to make decisions, test ideas, sample markets and launch new campaigns.

Marketing Intern

The factory for all things creative. We’re looking for individuals with the vision and imagination to try new things! You’ll be able to create, be an architect on marketing and not just build on someone else’s plan.

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Admin & Operations Intern

Dive in and get hands-on on the fundamental operations of our company. Exposure to our business tools and processes will ensure a dynamic working experience.

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Graphics Design Intern

People who never worry about fitting in and who would rather be outstanding and make a difference than be one of the masses. Come join us to strive to keep things fun, interesting, and profitable. We’ll provide you with hands-on experience that will help you exceed in the real world.  

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