Call System

for Healthcare Industry

Staff Calling Paging Solutions

for clinics, hospitals and general pharmarcies

Instant and reliable communication

Staff call paging solutions offer instant, reliable communication. Instant messaging is vital to any healthcare establishment, SIGNALGRYD has the solution. A paging system can be used for staff to contact other departments regarding immediate tasks, emergency issues, or for customer to alert staff for a service, such as patients waiting to be seen at an unmanned reception desk. 

Sleek, minimalistic, and futuristic. The design and contours features bold colors whilst ensuring top-notch functionality.

Basic, simple, and functional. Practical design to suit businesses from various industries. Series Primary offers more customization options if required.

Super Easy

Step 1 – Call for Assistance

Patients pressed the service button when assistance is required.


Step 2 – Get Notified

Nurses and staff will immediately be notified when the service button is pressed, and the location of the patient will be shown.


Step 3 – Attend to Patient

Nurses can quickly and efficiently attend to patient request.


Fast and efficient service

SIGNALGRYD paging call systems improves service efficiency by allowing patients to easily communicate with their care giver.

With instant, secure and reliable communication at the touch of a button. Enhance your service standards and staff productivity.

Ultimately, nurse and staff paging systems are an effective, low powered communication solution to contact staff quickly and discreetly.


Fast & Efficient Service

Help your team help your customers

When patients need your help or assistance; they pay attention. With SIGNALGRYD Nurse/Staff Call System​, you’ll empower your staff to be able to deliver memorable customer service experiences consistently, even in the most complex and rapidly changing environments.

Deliver Quality Experience

Turn experiences into your competitive advantage.

With greater emphasis in service quality and efficiency in the healthcare industry, businesses adopt simple wireless paging solutions to maximize their efficiency and increases customer satisfaction by providing top of the line service.


Minimal Staff Training

Intuitive interface that’s easy to learn

SIGNALGRYD Nurse and Staff Call Paging Solution avoids workflows that can slow down service and is easy for new employees to learn. Your staff will be ready to respond to customers request for assistance in no time. No internet connectivity required!

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Ease customer wait times and better manage queues

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