Elevator Service Calling System

for Construction & Industrial Sector

Hoist Elevator Paging Solution

for construction sites, and industrial sectors

Accurate and efficient alert

In the industrial and construction sector, efficient communications is essential for the smooth operations. Reduce guesswork and trial and error when the site is still under construction. 

Call buttons are installed at every platform or floor, and workers can easily request for the elevator by pressing a button. A signal is sent to a receiver within the hoist elevator to alert the operator of the level or platform that requires service.

Far Vertical Distance

Developed for the industrial and construction sector, the vertical distance is tested to be able to reach up to 40 – 50 levels in height, without the need of a signal repeater.


Fully sealed outer case for both the transmitters and receivers. Resistant to rain and downpour.

Wireless Operation

No cables, and no power wires required. Works wirelessly immediately out of the box.

What you get



These transmitting call buttons are ideally installed at each floor or level within the building. Upon press. a signal with its location is sent to the receiver in the hoist elevator. Powered by rechargeable batteries that can last up to 6 – 12 months.



Packed with a built in 600MAH Li-Ion battery, with the option of a built-in or external antenna. This receiver is placed within the hoist elevator and alerts the operator through an audible chime, and notifies at which level or platform assistance is required.

Super Easy

Step 1 – Alert Hoist Elevator

Workers press the service button to alert the hoist elevator.


Step 2 – Be Notified

The operator of the hoist elevator is alerted to which level or platform he needs to get to.


Fast and efficient service

SIGNALGRYD elevator call system improves service efficiency by allowing workers to easily request for assistance.

With instant, secure and reliable communication at the touch of a button. Enhance your service standards and workers’ productivity.

SIGNALGRYD wireless elevator call system has been developed to advance the hoist elevators. It solves the challenge of screaming to get the elevator operator to hear you. and allows workers to get the attention of the elevator with the press of a button.


Simplify Communication

Save time and effort

It can get noisy especially when the construction is in process. Instead of shouting or banging at something to attract the attention of the elevator operator in order to get the service; SIGNALGRYD elevator call system alerts lift operators through radio frequency efficiently, even if the elevator is far away.


Work while you wait

The convenience which comes with the wireless elevator system is significant when the worker needs to request for the elevator. Workers can continue working even after making a call since they can easily estimate when they will be attended to.



Easy installation and dismantle

The entire calling system operates wirelessly, even without the need of a power cable. They are battery powered and can switched on, only when needed. The range of SIGNALGRYD wireless elevator system is developed specifically for the construction and industrial sector, to reach up to a vertical range of 40 – 50 floors.

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