4 Benefits of Paging Systems

Whether you’re a business owner or a frequent customer of your favourite restaurant, here are four reasons why technology in the F&B industry might not be such a bad thing after all.

1. Organisation and Efficiency

Wireless paging systems allow for businesses to more efficiently delegate their time (regardless of which system you select)! Customer paging systems assist managers in keeping track of seating arrangements and reservation lists. Along with aiding staff members, these systems can also benefit customers. By receiving a pager, customers are given the freedom and reassurance that they’ll be notified when their table is ready. They can therefore wander away from the host stand.

Allowing servers to better utilise their time, waiter paging systems eliminate the continuous need for servers to visit the kitchen frequently to check on their orders. Servers can then turn their attention to tending to new customers, giving recommendations, and assisting those who require assistance. Thus, boosting staff productivity. The time spent up-selling and taking extra orders can also lead to profits of $5,838 SGD among four servers in 6.5 hours!

2. Customer Satisfaction

Effective Organisation = Increased Efficiency = Higher Customer Satisfaction.

Busy restaurants usually mean chaos. With the ability to page servers when food is ready, it ensures that guests receive their meals at their freshest. Waiter paging systems also acknowledge and satisfy a guest’s needs immediately. Guests no longer need to worry about trying to catch the attention of waiters during peak time!

Also, when alcoholic beverages become an impulse item at night and customers look to order additional drinks, service pagers are perfect as they require little to no effort. Customers simply push the button conveniently located on the table and a staff member will be there to take the order immediately.

3. Easy to Use and More Sales

Since paging systems operate wirelessly without internet connection, the fear of unpredictable circumstances and connection problems is eliminated. The long range capabilities allow for guests to wander about, giving them the freedom to stray from the host stand; encouraging guests to wait outside, browse other stores, or hang out at the bar. Gone are the days of guests crowding the front of the restaurant! With the reassurance that they will not lose their table or place in the queue, guests feel more inclined to relax and perhaps have a drink (or two) at your bar!

4. Cost Effective

Unlike manpower, paging systems are one time investments. Hiring more individuals bring a certain unpredictability into your business. Plus, monthly allowances add up and can take a chunk out of your annual budget! If you’re looking to make every penny count,  partner with ICV vendors who have been approved by the government. By doing so, you could potentially get a reimbursement for your investment!

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