Worker & Staff Paging Solution

for Construction & Industrial Sector

Worker & Staff Calling System

for construction sites, and industrial sectors

Effective wireless communication 

Call and page your forklift or truck drivers, technical assistants, emergency staff or the manager by using our staff and worker paging systems. Our paging systems comes in two varieties: numeric or alphanumeric.

By using a transmitter, your staff can be called. Their receiving pager will receive a message on the screen and the pager only beeps and/or vibrates when notified. A paging solution in case of emergency a fire or for internal communication is all possible with our paging systems.

Sleek, minimalistic, and futuristic. The design and contours features bold colors whilst ensuring top-notch functionality.

Basic, simple, and functional. Practical design to suit businesses from various industries. Series Primary offers more customization options if required.

Super Easy

Step 1 – Retrieve a Pager

Workers and staff are issued a pager or receiver when they arrive. They are then free to continue their works or roam around.


Step 2 – Be Notified

Operators at the main HQ can alert workers when they are required. Simply call or alert workers with a push of a button.


Fast and efficient service

SIGNALGRYD worker & staff paging system ensures smooth and reliable communication between internal staff.

With instant, secure and reliable communication at the touch of a button. Enhance your service standards and workers’ productivity.

Worker and staff calling system encourages safe communication with wireless signals through radio frequency. Secure and reliable communication in case of emergency can be guaranteed.


Effective Wireless Communication

Long distance

A call system works wirelessly over long distances. From within a production line or other location within the site, a call signal can be sent to staff and workers with the push of a button. Calling system like these makes it possible to communicate even in noisy environments over large distances. 


Work while you wait

The convenience which comes with the worker and staff paging system is significant when the worker can attend to other tasks and be notified only when he is required.



Easy installation and dismantle

The entire calling system operates wirelessly, even without the need of a power cable. They are battery powered and can switched on, only when needed.

Other Wireless Paging Solutions for Construction & Industrial Sectors

Alert elevator operators in construction sites when a specific platform or level requires the elevator.

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