Waiter & Service Call

for Food & Beverage (F&B) Businesses

Waiter & Service Call Paging Solutions

for restaurants, cafes, hawkers, food courts, pubs and bars.

Instant notification and contact between customers and staff

Call buttons allow the F&B businesses to go that extra step in ensuring fast and efficient customer service. Be alerted when customers need assistance, even when they are seated at obscure areas or even when staff are not immediately available.

Sleek, minimalistic, and futuristic. The design and contours features bold colors whilst ensuring top-notch functionality.

Basic, simple, and functional. Practical design to suit businesses from various industries. Series Primary offers more customization options if required.

Super Easy

Step 1 – Be Seated

Customers are seated and decides what to order.


Step 2 – Call for Service

A simple push of a button allows customers to hail for service from staff.


Step 3 – Get Notified

Service staff are immediately alerted to the specific location / table number that requires assistance.


Step 4 – Attend to Customer

Service staff can quickly and efficiently attend to customers’ request.


Fast and efficient service

SIGNALGRYD waiter & service call systems improves service efficiency by allowing guests to easily communicate with their server.

With instant, secure and reliable communication at the touch of a button. Enhance your service standards and staff productivity.

Call buttons encourage diners to order food and beverages without having to wave or call for assistance. As front of house staff can respond immediately, customer satisfaction levels rise.


Fast & Efficient Service

Help your team help your customers

When customers need your help or assistance; they pay attention. With SIGNALGRYD Service Call System, you’ll empower your staff to be able to deliver memorable customer service experiences consistently, even in the most complex and rapidly changing environments.

Deliver Quality Experience

Turn experiences into your competitive advantage.

It’s harder and harder to differentiate only on food quality – winning food & beverage businesses are increasingly competing on customer experience. Become easier to do business with, a better partner, and more valuable by enhancing your customer experience delivery.


Minimal Staff Training

Intuitive interface that’s easy to learn

SIGNALGRYD Waiter Call Solution avoids workflows that can slow down service and is easy for new employees to learn. Your staff will be ready to respond to customers request for assistance in no time. No internet connectivity required!

Other Wireless Paging Solutions for F&B

Alert customers when their food is ready for collection.

Allow customers to call for service with a push of a button.

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