Customer Self-Service Paging System​

Series Modern

The most advanced paging system packs a dominant working range of up to 800m, anti-theft feature, integrated setting and multi-channel frequency.

The flushed modern design provides sleek contours and is the best paging system yet!


SIGNALGRYD’s Series Modern self-service customer paging system packs the strongest dominant range within Singapore’s regulation.


The impact resistant shell sports a curvy and rounded exterior that is stylist and easy to hold in the palm.


At anytime, purchase additional pagers if required. Series Modern has capability to support up to 999 pagers in any instance.

What customers say

SIGNALGRYD provides us with the tools and technology we need to optimize our operations and build systematic ecosystem that our customers know and enjoys the experience.

What you get

1. Pager/Buzzer

Handed to customers when their order is ready for collection.

2. Charger base

One charging base for every 10 pagers. Each charger can charge and stack up to 10 – 12 pagers simultaneously.

3. Keypad Transmitter

The main panel for alerting customers to collect their order

To encourage more SMEs to embark on their first steps towards capability development, the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) by IMDA supports SMEs in the adoption and implementation of simple solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity.

SIGNALGRYD is proud to be a registered pre-approved Solutions Provider under the PSG incentive with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Speak to us to help you reimburse 70% the cost of your purchase!

All the features you need


Customer Paging System Series

Series Mini S

The newest and smallest compact paging system features a sleek aesthetic shell that fits with most businesses.

Mini S provides comfort and convenience, all whilst sitting comfortably within the palm of your hand.

Series Pacific

The newest mid 2019 addition to the customer paging system. Series Pacific is the amalgamation of the best features and functions of all previous series.

Maintaining the same small frame as Mini S, it comes with impact absorbent rubber as well as an Anti-Theft alarm system.

Series Slim

All the features you need in a smaller slim paging system. With the transmitter and charger integrated into the main board, it occupies far less space than its counterparts and is ideal for businesses where collection and issuing are at the same counter.

Series Classic

Basic and functional, it brings forth improvement in operations and design, whilst maintaining an affordable price point.

An easier, efficient way to manage your business operations.

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