Service Calling System

Series primary


Series Primary has a stronger working distance of 600m. Ideal for larger establishments with more obstructions.


Basic, simple, and functional. Practical design to suit businesses from various industries.


Stronger vibration, and a more distinct audio alert methods ensures staffs can easily be notified.

What customers say

The simplicity of the system allows non-technical people to easily pick up and begin using it. It’s great to be able to multitask and know that customers can easily hail for service by pressing the call button.

What you get

1. Service calling buttons

Affixed unobtrusively on a table or fitted to a wall, pressing this service button will send a signal to staffs.

2. Receiving devices

Watches, pagers, or even display panels. These devices receive the signal and informs staffs where service is required.

3. Wireless signal repeater (optional)

For instances where there are too many obstructions that may cause the working distance to be too short.

All the features you need

An easier, efficient way to manage your business operations.

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