Queue Management System​

Queue Number System

Call out customer’s queue number when their order is ready for collection.

Simple & Wireless


Standalone System

Queue number alert

SIGNALGRYD Queue Number Alert system simply works by displaying the respective order queue number onto an overhead display. Ideal for F&B or small clinics for customers to collect their order, or enter the doctor’s office.

What you get

1. A numeric keypad

For staffs to enter a specific sequence of numbers, or simply call the next in line.

2. An overhead dsplay

To display the current queue number for customers.


Step 1 – Place an Order

Customers places their order and retrieves their receipt.


Step 2 – Wait

Customer waits near the collection counter.


Step 3 – Alert Customer

Once their food is ready for pickup, staff would enter the receipt or queue number onto a keypad. The respective number would flash on an overhead display.


No Wifi or Internet

No need for external connectivity. SIGNALGRYD Queue Number System works by itself.

Ready to use

Works right out of the box. Plug and play hardware.

Cost effective

A low cost, simple solution to solving a complicated problem.

An easier, efficient way to manage your business operations.

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