Queue Management System

Linear Queue System

Single Queue for a shorter wait​

Organizes customer flow

Improves queue flow by 30%

Decreases down-time of counters

What Customer Say SIGNALGRYD Series_Slim

What customers say

As a solution, SIGNALGRYD's linear queue system has the reliability and simplicity to take on the volume of traffic the pharmacy gets every day.

What you get

1. A service call button at each counter

Whenever the counter is available for the next customer, the service representative presses the button to notify them.

2. Main display panel

A screen to inform and usher customers to the counter which is available.


Step 1 – Lines Up

Customers lines up in a single queue.


Step 2 – Counter Available

Service staff at counter presses an alert button when they are available to attend to the next customer in line.


Step 3 – Alert Customer

The customer that is next in line will be alerted through a display panel near by, and informed on which counter is available.


No Wifi or Internet

No need for external connectivity. SIGNALGRYD Linear Queue System works by itself.

Ready to use

Works right out of the box. Plug and play hardware.

Cost effective

A low cost, simple solution to solving a complicated problem.

An easier, efficient way to manage your business operations.

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