Queue Management System

Ticketed Queue Management System

Reshape the way your customers wait to be served.

Enables efficient management of customer journey

Centrally controlled & easy to use

Organizes Service Area

Turnkey solution to manage customer flow

A complete system that caters to diverse queuing needs from a basic queuing system to a sophisticated, multi branch, multi-region enterprise solutions. Our queue management system allows customers and visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket via a printing device.

What you get

1. A queue ticket printer

Customers would first retrieve a queue number upon arriving, and be seated whilst waiting for their turn.

2. Signal controller

Main communicating device which manages the queue sequence.

3. Calling keypads

Numeric keypad for each counter. Allows service staffs to call for the next customer.

4. Central display panel

Main display screen to which directs and ushers customers to available counter.


Step 1 – Takes a Queue Number

Customer retrieves a queue number from a printer. His queue number, and number of people ahead of him is reflected onto the queue ticket.


Step 2 – Take a Seat

Customer is seated and waits for queue number to be called.


Step 3 – Alert Customer

Once a counter is available, the staff at the counter will alert the next customer in line by pressing the keypad.


Step 4 – Proceed to Service Counter

A central display panel would indicate which queue number is to proceed to which available service counter.


No Wifi or Internet

No need for external connectivity. SIGNALGRYD Ticketed Queue System works by itself.

Ready to use

Works right out of the box. Plug and play hardware.

Cost effective

A low cost, simple solution to solving a complicated problem.

An easier, efficient way to manage your business operations.

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