6 Coffee Drinks That Reveal Your Personality

Have you ever wondered why you choose to order the same coffee whenever you enter a coffee outlet?

In the mornings, majority of people would be seen ordering espresso, long black or a cappuccino to help survive the long day ahead. However, during the chill days, we might switch to other types of coffee such as frappuccino or mocha to enjoy the cold coffee while walking around town.

Whether you stick to the same coffee or switch between the different types, here are the 6 coffee drinks to help you understand your choices and what it says about yourself!

1. Espresso

Espresso drinkers are natural born leaders. Your shot of espresso every morning, is what keeps you at the head of the pack and lead your team. Undoubtedly, espresso drinkers savours the natural taste of coffee, which makes them straightforward people.

With its aromatic fragrance and natural long black taste, espresso drinkers know what they want and gets the job done. As a leader, they inspire others and motivates them to be hard-working just like themselves.

Espresso drinkers at times, tend to be moody. They are used to setting their eyes on what they want and are more resistant to change.

2. Double Espresso

An extra shot of caffeine for double espresso drinkers reveals that these people are always on the go and tries to keep their busy schedules in check. They are strong willed people who can take on the bitterness of life just like their favourite drink.

On the other hand, some double espresso drinkers may feel emotionally unstable.They might convince themselves that they do not need any sleep as the extra shot of caffeine will help them get through the day. However, we all know that too much of one thing is never good. If they are trying to pull through the week with that much caffeine, it will eventually drain them out by the end of the week.

3. Latte

Latte is a drink for coffee drinkers who prefer slightly sweeter and mellower taste. Latte drinkers are often comfort seekers. Just like how they enjoy softening the bitterness of coffee, they also enjoy softening the bitterness of life.

Latte drinkers are a unique bunch of people  that are very generous when it comes to their time and goes all out to please the people they care for. They are often careful with their words, and always think before they speak.

They tend to not take good care of themselves as putting others before themselves is their priority. They derive comfort when people around them are happy.

4. Cappuccino

Cappuccino, a drink that is paired with style and class. Cappuccino drinkers are generally outspoken and creative. They enjoy the company of friends and unimaginative people bore them.

Sociable and creative in nature, they are highly motivated people which in turn influences their close circle of peers too. They are outgoing individuals who are the life of the party and they clearly know how to have fun.

On the other hand, their sociable nature may lead them to become obsessive and controlling.

5. Frappuccino

The ultimate drink that is the trademark brand of Starbucks Corporation. Popular amongst the younger crowd, individuals who prefer frappuccino are adventurous and spontaneous.

Similar to being open to exploring new drinks, they look forward to trying new things in life. Frappuccino drinkers are willing to take more risk, though sometimes they do things without  considering the consequences. For this reason, they can be reckless in nature.

What’s more, they claim they love coffee, but really they love the cream!

6. Mocha

The beverage that get coffee lovers the best of both worlds. A drink that is a bitter but has hot chocolate, mocha drinkers loves to pamper themselves on a daily.

Mocha drinkers enjoy the sweetness of life. To other avid coffee drinkers, they resemble someone riding a bike with training wheels on. Someone who can’t take the bitter taste of coffee.

On the contrary, mocha drinkers tend to get too involved in pampering themselves that they ignore others feeling.

Knowing the reason behind why you choose a specific coffee, you may continue to embrace it or be courageous and go for a change. Regardless of your choice, coffee’s still be an essential part of our daily lives. Whether we drink it to survive the day or we buy it to make it into a fashion accessory, do remember to get your fix!