How Nurse Call Systems were Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Back in April 2020, just when Singapore started receiving a great influx of infected COVID-19 patients – a temporary community care facility was setup. The facility’s purpose was to be able to isolate 2 types of patient, recovering, as well as early patients.

A single hall was able to support and house up to almost 500 patients. As the number of patients increase, the facility was also able to progressively expand to support the additional patients.

An impromptu video illustration of how the nurse paging system was used.

Introduction of a Wireless Nurse Call System

Since the facility was setup mainly to support patients who are less severe and with mild symptoms, there was a great imbalance of patient to nurses ratio. This caused complaints of inadequate care of patients when care and services were required.

SIGNALGRYD nurse calling system were installed within the facility to help allow nurses to be able to promptly and easily attend to patients who may urgently need assistance. The calling buttons (transmitters) were sticked on walls not farther than 3 metres from where the each patient’s cubicles were.

Ease of installation

The paging systems operate wirelessly without the need of an internet connection, or external software/hardware connectivity.

This feature allows for fast, and ease of installation in the facility. Since there are no external connection required, no patient data are exchanged, and are secured. The calling system is a purely hardware based solution that is largely plug and play. The initial setup and configuration were done by SIGNALGRYD team and quickly installed less than a week after.

Up to 400m of working range

The far reaching capability of the system ensures the entire Expo facility can be covered. Especially since the expo hall itself has little and minor obstructions, with main obstructions being partition walls; the wireless nurse call system was able to function without the need of an additional repeater or signal booster.

Efficient and faster service

The intuitive and straight forward design enable patients to be able to easily request for assistance from nurses in the event of an emergency easily.

A single push of a button instantly sends a signal to the main receiving panel at the nurses’ medical station. Both visual, and audible cues will alert nurses on the specific location the patient who requested assistance is at.

In doing so, nurses would be able to quickly and efficiently attend to the patient’s request.

Benefits of a nurse calling system

Ultimately, the paging system by itself is a communication solution.

Although illustrated for use in a healthcare pandemic scenario, it is applicable to a wide range of industries. SIGNALGRYD has supported businesses in the F&B, Corporate, and Hospitality sectors.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’ll be able to understand your requirement and propose a suitable solution.