The Future of the World – Part 3

Source: Unsplash (Louis Maniquet)

The world is constantly changing, both for good and for worse. In our three part blog post series, we explore how the future of the earth will be like and how science is revolutionising our lives. In this second part, we’ll be highlighting some of what experts predict will happen in 2030.

10 Predictions for the World in 2030

Source: Unsplash (Daniel Hjalmarsson)

With unexpected situations arising every year, we can’t tell for sure what will happen next. Nonetheless, we’ve sifted through hundreds of predictions to bring to you some of what may happen in the year 2030.

1. Each person will be connected to an average of 13 devices.

Source: Unsplash (Farzad Nazifi)

2. There will be a global price on carbon emissions.

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3. Two-thirds of us will live in cities.

Source: Unsplash (Julius Jansson)

4. Augmented reality will be extensively used in surgeries.

Source: Unsplash (Arseny Togulev)

5. Autonomous/self-driving cars will take over driven cars.

Source: Unsplash (Robert Bye)

6. Scientists will be able to drill into the Earth’s mantle.

Source: Unsplash (Anchor Lee)

7. There will be less meat consumption.

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8. There will be a global ageing population.

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9. The 6G standard will be released.

Source: Unsplash (Clément H)

10. 3D printing will be used for buildings

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