Hawker Productivity Grant (HPG) extends to Wireless Paging Systems

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Last updated: November 26, 2023

Starting from 9th March 2020, Monday – the existing Hawker Productivity Grant (HPG) by NEA will be further improved by increasing its list of supported suitable equipment by 5 types – from 19 to 24 types in total.

The increase in suitable equipment includes SIGNALGRYD’s customer self-service paging system, as well as queue number paging system. Find out how SIGNALGRYD can assist and support you with your complete HPG application for your paging systems, from the initial application all the way till funds disbursement.

What is the Hawker Productivity Grant (HPG)?

Launched in 2017, it was introduced to alleviate the cost of equipment purchases through co-founding. The grant support encourages hawkers and individual stallholders to improve their productivity by saving man hours through the equipment’s automation.

The funding supports up to 80% of the cost of the equipment, capped at $5,000 over a period of 3 years; on a reimbursement basis. It was initially scheduled to cease in October 2020 and is now extended to 31st March 2026 (information updated on 2023).

Who can utilize the grant?

How does the HPG compare with the other grants such as the PSG?

The Hawker Productivity Grant (HPG) main target audiences are hawkers and individual stallholders.

Throughout our years in business, and our partnership with respective agencies, we’ve learnt that the main factor restricting hawkers to tap on such incentives are the requirement to have a registered entity.

  1. Unlike most other grant incentives like the PSG, CDG, and others – the main difference is the eligibility criteria to utilize the grant. HPG does not require the applicant to have a registered entity (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or a Company).
  2. The co-funding amount of 80% reimbursement is one of the highest of all other available grants.
  3. Claim submissions are quicker, as disbursements would only take within 30 working days upon claim approval.

HPG Eligibility Criteria

Application Procedure

Step 1: Submit Online Application

Login to Hawkers Online Portal using SingPass.

Prepare and submit the following documents:

    1. Supplier’s quotation with unit costing
    2. Brochure with equipment model, and technical specifications
    3. Copy of Bank Book, or statement showing bank account number and owner’s name.

Step 2: Purchase Equipment

Once application is approved, NEA will offer a Letter of Offer (LOO). Return the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to NEA within 30 days and purchase the equipment.

SIGNALGRYD team will follow up with the installation, training, and delivery.

Step 3: Claim Submission

Prepare and submit the following documents, either by Post, or by Hand only, to NEA One-Stop Information and Service Centre.

    • Disbursement Request Form • Itemized Invoice & Receipt
    • Direct Credit Authorisation (DCA) Form (For payment disbursement)
    • Others (if applicable)

Step 4: Funds Disbursement

NEA will disburse the grant amount to the stallholders bank account within 30 working days from claim approval.

Just like the previous PSG – Talk to us, we’d be happy to help you through this entire process. SIGNALGRYD partners with The Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) to help business owners like yourselves understand the whole grant process from application, until your funds are disbursed.

SIGNALGRYD Eligible Solutions for 80% Funding

The newest mid-2019 addition. Series Pacific is the amalgamation of the best features and functions of all previous series. Equipped with drop resistant rubber, anti-theft alert, water proofing, and quick charging.

Basic and functional, it brings forth improvement in operations and design, whilst maintaining an affordable price point. Series classic is the most common paging system model in the market.

The newest and smallest compact paging system features a sleek aesthetic shell that fits with most businesses.

Mini S provides comfort and convenience, all whilst sitting comfortably within the palm of your hand.

All the features you need in a smaller slim paging system. With the transmitter and charger integrated into the main board, it occupies far less space than its counterparts and is ideal for businesses where collection and issuing are at the same counter.