5 Healthy Foods Which Increase Productivity

It’s a Monday afternoon. Perhaps it’s the post-lunch hour and you’re having a food coma. Maybe you’re feeling tired and unproductive at work. What could you do? We have written this article to hopefully give you a boost!

Did it ever cross your mind that the food you consume can affect the way you think, feel and work? Many of us underestimate the impact of food on our productivity at work. For those of us who struggle to stay on top of meetings and deadlines, food is the key to productivity. It gives us energy and allows us to be efficient at work.

The team at SIGNALGRYD has tried these 5 food items which helped increase their productivity, and hopefully yours too!

1. Avocado

Mashed, blended, or eaten as itself, the soft and creamy fruit tastes great in all forms. Have an avocado eaten with some chilli flakes & lime, or slice and eat it with bread. A hot favourite way of eating avocado would be the avocado dip, better known as guacamole. It is as simple as mashing up the avocado together with lime juice, salt and pepper. Have the tasty guacamole with tortilla chips. Some eat guacamole and chips as a snack, whilst others consider it as their dinner.

2. Banana

A banana provides your brain with sufficient glucose for an entire day. According to researcher Dr. Leigh Gibson from Roehampton University, the human brain functions optimally with approximately 25 grams of glucose circulating in the bloodstream — about the amount found in a banana.

The banana also contains Vitamin B, minerals, as well as antioxidants which helps with regulating blood sugar levels and preventing oxidative stress. Starting your day with a banana keeps your mind sharp and active. Serve your banana as it is or add them to your smoothie or oatmeal for a simple but delicious breakfast!

3. Chocolate

Sweet-Tooths rejoice! Dark chocolate helps to activate your brain and raises levels of attention. Dark chocolate has antioxidant properties which increases the production of endorphins, which in return, enhances focus and concentration. In addition, research from Japan, England and US revealed that dark chocolate is effective in helping to fight cavities, plaque and tooth decay in the mouth. Other than dark chocolate, milk chocolate helps us to quicken reaction time and improve verbal and visual memory too!

4. Nuts

Nuts are rich in antioxidants, amino acids and Vitamin E. Most nuts help to relieve fatigue and boost the mind’s focus. Nuts such as almonds and walnuts can increase your mental capability.

Have your nuts on its own as a snack, or you can add them into your cereal, salads, or even your proteins!

5. Salmon

Fatty fish such as salmon, which has high content of omega-3, protein, iron and Vitamin B, aids in supporting memory, recall, reasoning and focus. In addition to reducing depression, consuming at least two servings of salmon per week helps to improve memory and mental performance.

Remember, if you want to achieve excellent performance at work, making the right decisions about your food choices is essential. Eating right is not about resisting temptation; it is about making healthy eating the easiest option.