Mobile Paging Apps or Paging Systems?

Since technology has taken its rightful place in our lives, nothing has ever been the same again. Businesses in the Food and Beverage industry [F&B] not only struggle with the ongoing labour crunch now, but are also facing the dilemma of constantly needing to adapt and incorporate technology to attract customers. Thus, it’s easy to see why these businesses have turned to mobile paging apps to bridge that gap. With its convenience and seemingly low price tag, these apps seem to have it all…

The Downsides of Mobile Apps

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t realise that only 38% of their customers are actually willing to share their mobile numbers. Simply said, some customers just don’t trust you enough to give you their personal information. Along with this, not all customers remember to bring their mobile phones out with them. So, what happens if a customer doesn’t have their phone with them or worse… what if their phone runs out of battery whilst they’re waiting? What do you do then?

Though mobile devices are incredibly convenient, another point to consider is that these devices rely heavily on mobile networks. We’ve all been in a situation where our data service or reception has failed us while trying to send an important message or call. How frustrating was that?! Therefore, before making any rash decisions, remember that poor mobile coverage or an overloaded system may actually cause more problems instead of solving them.

From checking our social media accounts to gossiping about our day, technology undoubtedly plays a major role in our lives. Amongst our handful of messages from loved ones and social media notifications, what’s to say that your customers won’t overlook your notification message? How long do you wait before giving their table up to someone else? How angry will they be when they find out you’ve done so?

What Should You Do?  

Let’s start with this disclaimer: With everything mentioned above, please don’t think that we’re completely against mobile apps. They’re wonderful for personal use and for businesses looking for an alternative. However, it’s always important to consider both the benefits and consequences of a product before investing any time or effort in it. Especially when a business is at stake! With a budget that allows for it, a hybrid system utilises a combination of both systems, your business needs are covered, while reducing the risks that may arise.

However, if you’re seeking a budget-friendly solution, paging systems are not to be overlooked . Most companies nowadays offer a trial period, where you can test out the system without having to commit to anything more than a week or two. If you’re seeking to save even more money, partner with government approved vendors (such as SIGNALGRYD!) and you can potentially get a full reimbursement for your investment! Paging systems possess many benefits, such as being a one-off purchase, as compared to mobile paging apps that may require a monthly subscription fee, constant need to update, and payment for each SMS sent. It’s no wonder you should give paging systems a go! 

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