5 Tips for Running a Restaurant

Apart from the key items everyone must have before starting a restaurant – a brilliant concept, great location and an impeccable chef, here are the five things you should keep in mind to help your restaurant succeed:


Anticipate your customer’s needs… then exceed their expectations. Always give your customers the opportunity to rate your food and customer service. Whether they take the time to do it or not, that’s up to them. Leaving them that option would help to foster a customer-oriented image for your restaurant. Patrons would feel valued and this can enhance their dining experience!

Remember: Building a loyal customer list is important in the success of a restaurant or any business. 89% of consumers say a great customer experience is key to driving brand loyalty. Don’t try to skimp on anything that could affect a customer’s experience. If there’s anything you should spend on, invest in your customers.

2. Budget

Budgeting is of utmost importance when it comes to managing a restaurant. Be it in your daily life or more importantly, your restaurant, budgeting is key. A good way to do this is to set aside a larger capital than expected. Most times, expenses add up quicker than income.

Remember: The initial “successful” honeymoon phase will not last forever. Don’t overspend because you think you cannot fail. You can and if you don’t stay grounded, you will.


Bad management not only affects your employees, but in the long run, could ruin your restaurant’s reputation. Employees affected may decide that they deserve better, causing a quick turnover rate and employers have to constantly hire new help. No one has the time to train a new employee every month! 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. Take time to invest in the foundation of your business – your employees and creating a successful system of operation.

Remember: It’s alright to hire someone to help you manage your organisation, but no one is ever going to care about your business the way you do. That’s why you should never give anyone full control of it, no matter how much you think you trust them.

4. Customer Service

Restaurant owners underestimate the importance of customer service. One bad experience is enough to scare anyone from ever coming back. To ensure that customers are constantly pleased with the service you are providing, allow for feedback. Keeping employees happy is a good way to ensure that the environment stays light and positive. No one wants to interact with a grumpy server!

Remember:  It takes 12 positive customer experiences to negate the poor impression left behind from one unresolved, bad experience.


Ensuring the consistency of your food and service is KEY. Customers return because of their positive experience with the food or service. Inconsistency can make or break a restaurant, especially in its first year!

Know your competitors and be original. With your food, concept and ambience.  Be it your business plan or menu, always be ready to evolve with changing times.

Remember: People will pay for unique experiences and consistency!

In Essence,

Building a successful restaurant is never easy, but with good planning and the right attitude, it is only a matter of time before you start to gain loyal customers. Remember, there isn’t an equation to success, but rather about how you can adapt to challenges and make the best out of every situation.