What Does Your Taste Preference Say About You

1. Sweet


If you are one that favours your dessert over dinner, it has been shown that a sweet tooth is known to be more willing to help others. Dessert lovers are also charming, flirtatious and may even have a penchant for drama. Even though they enjoy the intimacy and romance in a relationship, their personality could result in them being vulnerable in relationships.

Hirsch’s research has found that chocolate lovers rely heavily on their intuition, often playing hunches rather than relying on logic. They tend to act rashly without giving much thought to the consequences in comparison to individuals who processes their thoughts through logical thinking. For the reason that logical thinkers pay more attention to detail while intuitive people are more creative and imaginative.

Sweet tooths are always up for anything spontaneous and never fails to lift up the mood of a party!

2. Spicy

The fiery sensation when one bites on a chili pepper, is what chili lovers find satisfying. Some argue that a higher tolerance for spicy food is genetic while others claim that with increased exposure one can developed tolerance overtime. We both agree that both statement make a valid point.

This burning sensation that is felt through the body links our taste buds’ passion for peppers and an adrenaline rush, and that eating foods with capsaicin stimulates the rush of living on the edge. They might like the thrill of trying something new. A particular taste that is only well-liked by people who are tolerable to spicy food, hot-pepper lovers are usually more adaptable to change than others.

There’s nothing bland about those who stock up on spicy foods, Albers says. “They tend to like complexity and interesting tastes, and often score high in the ‘sensation seeking’ category on personality tests.” Sensation seekers like new experiences and thrills, whether it’s a new spicy food, a horror film festival or a death-defying roller coaster.

If you craving to go on an adventure of a lifetime, you know who to call!

3. Salty

A crave for salty food is common in those who yearn small rewards and immediate gratification. As a result, potato-chip lovers are hardworking, competitive and worthy adversaries.  They enjoy the rewards earned from their hard work from both business and personal respectively.

Due to its convenience, potato-chip lovers tend to live life more fast paced and are always in a rush. The little inconveniences in our life such as rush-hour traffic or long queues at the checkout easily frustrates this type of people. They are probably the people that one sees on the street, swerving in and out of large crowds, with footsteps that are twice as fast.

It is said that only a quarter of the population are “supertasters”, which also refers to a majority of the population that dislike bitter food or foods with strong tastes. Just like its taste, spicy-food lovers enjoys the spiciness of life.

4. Sour

Strong tasting food such as bitter foods have found to be linked to other food aversion such as sensitivity to sour food as well. Therefore, people who dislike sour foods are likely to be very picky and opinionated about the food they eat. Therefore, people who are able to tolerate such extreme flavours like sourness or bitterness tend to be more open to new food and experiences.

Sour food lovers are more willing to stretch their limits, and also able to adapt better in groups, known to be more caring individuals.

If one needs a shoulder to cry on, or a listening ear, sour food lovers are the best people to turn to!

5. Bitter

Bitter tastes are particularly attractive to those with darker personalities as they enjoy sensation-seeking. People with darker personalities have a greater preference for the ups and downs of life. Similarly to the people who enjoy sour foods, bitter food lovers are associated with better handling the bitterness of life and are more likely to try new flavours and experiences.

On the down side, those who prefer bitter-tasting foods are more likely to have anti-social personality traits, such as insensitive or narcissistic behaviour. They link to hostile thoughts and behaviour which generally occurs in people who has a preference for bitter foods.

6. Savoury

People who like spices often have a very refined sense of taste and may even have specific genetics that help them to distinguish among various spices. They may have more sensitive chemosensory pathways, or cells within the body similar to taste buds.

As a result, spice lovers generally are people who more attentive to details and have a refined sense of smell, since smell is closely related to the ability to taste.  Those who enjoy savoury foods are sterner or more serious and less pleasant compared with those who enjoy sweet foods such as cookies and cakes. They tend to be more focused, someone who knows when to be serious and when to have fun.