Why Wireless Pagers Are Better Than Mobile Pagers

Saves time

Staff do not have to repeatedly dial and call the customer to notify them that that their table is ready. It is more efficient if staff can notify patrons once seats are available with the press of a  button, and the patron would be alerted immediately.


Not everyone has a mobile phone line and this would be especially inconvenient for tourists seeking to dine in but unable to make reservations just because they do not have a local line (several restaurants require patrons to key in their number so that they can be contacted later when their table is ready, and not all restaurants have the space for patrons to wait on-site)

Some restaurants may require patrons to download an app or use reservation systems, which may be a hassle for patrons who have limited data access and may not want to download a whole app just for dining out.

No software or app is required!

This means zero downtime – just plug in and page for customers! Patrons are also not required to have a data or phone line to receive notifications

With a large customer volume during peak dining hours, there might be instances where the software or wifi malfunctions. In such instances, this would cause inconvenience to customers and slow down business operations. It would also be virtually impossible to call customers since the data is lost or inaccessible.

Privacy issues

Some patrons may not be comfortable with sharing their information with restaurants. Restaurants may sometimes use the info to send future promotional messages to patrons, which may not be welcome by customers dining in. As mentioned by (this article), restaurants may take advantage of customer data for their own benefit. With wireless pagers, customers can come and dine with ease without having any privacy concerns.

Mobile phones may run out of battery

Utilising mobile notifications to alert customers also means the customer requires a sufficient amount battery to last while awaiting for their alert.

With restaurants wireless paging system, restaurants can ensure that the wireless pagers will always have sufficient battery as it is constantly plugged in whenever not in use and would not need to fret about whether their mobile phones might die off if there was an alert.

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