Making Our Mark at Artbox Singapore

It is SIGNALGRYD’s first experience in sponsoring such a huge event like Artbox Singapore. With the aim of increasing efficiency to ease the operations of participating vendors, we take a look at how our wireless paging system has helped them. 

5 Tips for Running a Restaurant

Building a successful restaurant is never easy – there are staff to manage, new items on the menu to update, ensuring the food served is of the best quality and the list goes on. Although there is no fixed method on how to ensure that your restaurant venture is successful, here are some tips on how you can run a restaurant. 


It has been 2.5 years since SIGNALGRYD started serving our first customer! We pride ourselves in providing good service and products to our clients. As such, we launched #SIGNALGREETSYOU, a 2-month campaign to foster strong customer relations and to understand on-the-ground operations of our wireless paging systems. We visited our clients from various parts of Singapore and gathered feedback from them with the aim of creating a better SIGNALGRYD experience for all!