The end of PSG Support for Wireless Paging Systems…or is it?

Government Initiatives: The ICV vs. the PSG The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) aims to support local SMEs in the IT solutions and equipment industry. It stems from the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) which has phased out since 2018 and was designed to enhance organisations in four capability areas: financial management, human resources, innovation, and …

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Table Calling System used in Hotels

Hospitality and Tourism industry is one of the busiest industries around the world with stringent service quality standards, where customers have high expectations. We visited our three clients (Pan Pacific, Oakwood Premier and Carlton Hotel) in the industry, who have adopted our wireless Call for Service system. This solution works by eliminating the need for customers to hail for service staffs directly — as staffs would be notified through a watch and/or display receiver to provide faster service to customers.

Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) Transitions to Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a newly introduced scheme that replaces and combine three existing grants – Spring Singapore’s Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV), the National Parks Board’s Landscape Productivity Grant, and Infocomm and Media Development Authority’s support for pre-scoped solutions under the SMEs Go Digital Programme. An initial of S$110 million have been set aside for this new initiative. Here are some things you should know about the PSG.

SIGNALGRYD Appreciates

As 2017 ends and 2018 swings in, SIGNALGRYD would once again like to thank all customers for their support. Back in December 2017, we patronised 7 of our partners, and learnt how the pagers have benefitted them.